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low calorie cocktail

FYI, this is one ounce (not a full shot).

I just had a “Skype date” with my friend Lindsay who lives in Delaware.

She gave me a tour of her new cottage…via Skype.

Lindsay was wearing a floral-printed apron while she showed me around. She pointed her laptop camera at the yard, lake, and some deer that happened in the forest outside her driveway!

In her kitchen was the jam she’d been jarring, the granola she’d made that morning…and the new low-calorie cocktail she’d invented with her friend Jen. It’s called an “MGD Royale.” It’s a Miller Genuine Draft 64 light beer (64 calories), plus a splash of Chambord® Black Raspberry Liqueur. HA! Like a Kir Royale, but with light beer. Lindsay served herself the drink in a red wine glass/goblety thing.

Snag: It seems as though Chambord is 103 calories per 1 oz. serving.

The MGD Royale is about the same amount of calories as a glass of wine. But it’s creative and tasty, so I’m told! Just go light on the Chambord.

Anyway, I won’t rain on her parade…seeing as how she’s got the whole homemaking thing down, and was so happy in her lakeside cottage, making jam and MGD Royales. (She poured three over the course of our conversation.)

Btw, she’s also working on reupholstering a chair and she just finished “busting” some carpenter bees because they had been boring a hole into her rented house. HA!!! (She said that with a straight face, too. “That’s not a nail behind my head, it’s a stick I drove into the wall…into a carpenter bee hole, man. I busted them.”)

Bottom line: It looks like I’ll have to come up with more hobbies while living alone in my new place. But I’ll probably be quite productive!

As for the drinking? I don’t want to have too much sauce at home, but, as Lindsay says, “Just wait ’til it gets to be about 7 or 8 p.m….” (Well…that’s about when I usually get home.)

I guess you can only jar  jam for so long.


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