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My friend Erin P. has joined some random, local cinema society (average age: 74…not kidding, we heard a giant thump during the movie—an old guy fell asleep and keeled over in the aisle). She had two tickets to an early screening of The Help, with Emma Stone. So I went after work.

I hadn’t been too interested in the movie—I thought it looked cheesy, but afterwards…well, I’m a believer. It was really moving. And funny. Actress Jessica Chastain was soo amazing, as was Viola Davis, Sissy Spacek, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Octavia Spencer. They were my favorites.

A lot of the lines were hard to understand because of everyone’s strong Mississippi accents and talking too fast. At one point, I asked Erin what one of the characters had said, and she shouted out something really racist, including the “N” word, when the movie and theater had gone quiet. (Granted, she was repeating the line, but like, a minute later.)

There were a lot of women in this movie, which you don’t see very often. Even Steel Magnolias had more men than this one. So that’s great. And I learned a lot about race relations in the 60s. After having read biographies, novels, and oral histories (mostly for school, I’ll admit), I thought I knew all there was to know about how people were treated and what fed the Civil Rights movement. But honestly, this movie was an education. And it was interesting.

It was also funny. But I mentioned that earlier. Two thumbs up!


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